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China vs India: Sikkim border conflict between India and China in 1967

Did you know India has offered 800 sheep and 59 yaks to China.

Image Source: Google Images

I am pretty sure its hard to believe, but its true, that India has offered 800 sheep and 59 yaks to China.

1962 war with China will remain in the memories of most of the Indians. Although China was not able to gain any strategic advantage after the war. Hence China keeps on waiting or rather creating these small issues to take advantage out of them. For this China opened another front in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, but they did not find any reason to start any conflict with India in these reasons.

Then comes this missing flock of 800 sheep and 59 yaks besides the allegations of territorial incursions. This let to the build-up Sikkim border conflict between India and China in 1967. This is what China was looking for since 1962 war. Exchanges between the two governments dating back to 1965 reveal that China accused Indian troops of stealing the flock of animals from Tibetan herdsmen operating near the Sikkim border and demanded that animals be returned.

The 1967 conflict took place in the same area where border troops from both countries are currently locked in a standoff i.e. Doklam region.

Indian reply was also epic on the 800 sheep and 59 yaks. Indian Congress leaders protest outside China Embassy in New Delhi and went on spot with a flock of Sheep and Yaks to offer. This served the two purpose in the international arena.
1. Appease China
2. Shoe the world that China can got for war for Sheep and Yak.

Some protestant has placard showing “Eat me but save the world”


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